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Our quality

We connect historical and traditional French gastronomy food with the newest knowledge of nutrition for dogs and cats! France is recognised for its gastronomy and way of life. Our products are inspired by authentic taste, nutritional value and rich ingredients.

We develop recipes which are rich in ingredients to fulfill all the needs of our pets. At Bon Appétit we analyze thoroughly the most efficient ingredients to elaborate the recipe with best nutritional intake and optimal digestion.

The highest priority is a high meat content in our recipes because our dogs and cats are primarily carnivores. Their digestive system and body are designed to metabolize protein and fat from animal sources.

Our dogs and cats need also vegetable proteins for their general health as they are rich in essential nutrients – mineral salts, natural vitamins and chlorophyll. These are all very necessary for their general good metabolism and fitness.


Our commitment

By NATYKA® : since many years NATYKA® is engaged in animal nutrition of high-end quality.

Bon Appétit is actively engaged to select raw materials with lowest risk to allergies and toxicity for our dogs and our cats.

We have to focus, today more than ever, on the petrochemical impact on our nutrition.

As a responsible producer, we are voluntarily committed to a sustainable way of life for the well-being of our animals and the preservation of their health.